Hi, my name is Ange, I’m the owner and creative mind behind Edan Photography.  I’m also a mum to two gorgeous kids (Ella and Aidan), partner in crime to my hubby Chris and queen of my crazy household (which also includes one dog and three cats!).  And just to keep me on my toes I also have my own natural skincare business that I started in 2004!

My love for photography began at school, but I lost focus of all things artistic in my 20’s, when I worked in the mining industry and travelled (fun times!).  After meeting Chris, getting married and having a baby, I discovered my passion again..and used my own little ones to practice on…a lot!  As my drive to create magic grew, so did my knowledge of all things photography, and my enjoyment of capturing beautiful moments in time..so much so it was a natural progression to turn my love into a business.

Other things I love (besides meeting all my fabulous clients!) are hosting dinner parties, op shopping, and spending a bit too much on fabulous props!  Food, wine and spending time with my amazing family and friends are the things I indulge in on my occasional down time.

I love my job, I love the people I work with, and I can’t wait to learn more about you!